Ebiten Bunten Handmade Tempura

Ebiten-Bunten opened in 1963. We keeps sticking to the taste and price.
President Toshio Yagi is choosing good materials on the market to keep the taste and price. It is carried over to the second daughter of Kuniko.
It is supported by many fixed customer and it leads to the 50 years results.
We are convinced that the first visitor is surely satisfied with family feeling.
Please come and enjoy our food.

Tempura, one of the typical Japanese dishes. It will be able to enjoy the crispness and also enjoy rice.
Moreover, it is possible to taste by seasonal vegetables and the seafood, etc.
Tempura can enjoy the season feeling and liked by many people.

Those who establish it Yagi Toshio


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Extra Special Tempura BowlExtra Special Tempura Bowl
Snow Crab Tempura Rice BowlSnow Crab Tempura Rice Bowl
Spot Prown Tempura Rice BowlSpot Prown Tempura Rice Bowl
Prawn Tempura Rice BowlPrawn Tempura Rice Bowl
Special Tempura Rice BowlSpecial Tempura Rice Bowl
Prawn Set PlatePrawn Set Plate
Prawn Curry Tempura Rice BowlPrawn Curry Tempura Rice Bowl
Kakiage Tempura Set PlateKakiage Tempura Set Plate
Kakiage Tempura Rice BowlKakiage Tempura Rice Bowl
Kakiage TempuraKakiage Tempura
Tempura Rice Bowl with Green TeaTempura Rice Bowl with Green Tea

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